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Kelly Simmons for Southeast Polk School Board

"It takes a community

to raise a child."


About Kelly

I am a mother of 3 and born and raised in Ames, IA. I served active duty in the US Navy, and I am an Iowa State University graduate. I have been a lifelong government servant and have worked in government policy, legislation, and funding just about all my adult life. In addition to Public Administration, I also have a background in family counseling and working with youth-at-risk. My son CJ, graduated from SEP in 2021 and is currently going on his junior year in college. My daughter Olivia is famous in the SEP district and went through SEP’s Special Education program. My son Corey is going into 3rd grade at Delaware Elementary. SEP is a very special place with amazing teachers that continue to be a part of our family to this day. Southeast Polk Pride is real and felt throughout the entire community.


I have been a special education and advocate for autism for many years now. I began my career serving active duty in the US Navy, where they instilled and practiced the Navy core values of honor, courage, and commitment. Those that know me well know that I believe in honor and leading by example. My family will tell you, if I say I promise, you can count on me following through with any task. I believe in courage because it takes courage for people to step up for many things we do in life. I tell my children all of the time to never be afraid to be yourself, even if that means marching to the beat of your own drum. Authenticity is everything so be you always. I believe in commitment because once I have set my mind to accomplish something, there is no stopping me. I am committed to my family, I am committed to my community, I am committed to my church, and if I were to receive the honor of being voted onto the school board, I will be 100% committed to making sure SEP’s students and families have a safe learning environment where they are treated with dignity and respect.

My why is simple, because I love SEP. Not only am I a special needs parent, but I am also a cancer survivor. During my course of treatment, the SEP community wrapped their arms around my family and helped us get through a very difficult time. The administration, the teachers, and my son’s coaches all made sure the only thing I had to worry about during that time was to get better. I believe in a community-based approach to education. It takes neighbors helping neighbors, parents helping parents, and students helping students to make an already very special place, that much more special. I am running for school board because I love my community and the families that make up this district and it would be my honor to serve you and earn your vote.

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